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The Shark Friend Program is now launched on perhentian Island, Malaysia
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Be a friend of the sharks, Be a friend of the marine ecosystem

We Are The Shark Friends

As a new concept of conservation, the Shark Friend program will be focusing on research to attract sharks and promote Shark Eco-tourism.

The key to protecting sharks is not to enact heavy laws or start wars, but to create awareness through long term and integrative education and provide eco-tourism economic benefit to the locals.

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The Real Shark You Should Know

Shark is NOT an Enemy

The shark is one of media's most reliable monsters. Every year, newspapers, magazines, and television news shows leap to every shark sighting and shark attack report. But only 10 out of the 500 species of sharks have been implicated in incidents with humans.
You have double the chance of dying from a coconut falling on your head.

The Ocean Needs Sharks

As the Apex Predators in the marine ecosystem, sharks prey on the sick and the weak members of their prey populations, keep the food webs in balance. Sharks also keep sea grass beds and other vital habitats healthy, including the reefs. Their present in the shallow water will keep the sea grass eaters such as turtles and sea cows away.

They are in Danger

Shark populations face the threat of extinction in every part of the world primarily due to overfishing driven by the high demand for shark fins. However there are additional threats facing sharks that incude bycatch, where sharks are killed when other seafood is being targeted, recreational fishing, sharks being used for ingredients in cosmetics or health supplements, destruction of habitat and more.

How Can You Help?

Support Our Conservation Efforts

  • Clear all misperception and fear of sharks
  • Exposing the importance of shark in our ecosystem
  • Stop the threat-marine debris
  • Record and report shark population from your local area
  • Assisting in shark rehabilitation by sharing information

Funding Us by Participating in Our Programs

Join our activities for fun and the money you paid will be donated to our fund after covering the cost.
Currently we are offering the following programs on perhentian Island, Malaysia. Click to view the details.

Shark Conservation Dive
For Scuba Divers
Shark Point Snorkeling
For Everyone

* All Shark Friend programs are designed to meet the corporate CSR Standard.

* Fees will be imposed in our activities. All proceeds will be channeled towards the shark conservation initiative, operational costs and equipment maintenance.

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